Paola Lenti: Prestigious Italian luxury

Since its creation in 1994, Paola Lenti has established itself on the international scene thanks to its timeless solutions, intended to last over time, with ergonomic and comfortable interior design elements, and a wide range of outdoor furniture. Paola Lenti is indeed this ultimate Italian brand which has the precise objective of creating not only simple furniture and decorative accessories, but genuine domestic landscapes, essential, and balanced between experimentation and research, tradition, and technology.

Discover at the best prices Paola Lenti poufs, indoor and outdoor sofas, and any other accessory perfectly inspired by the values ​​of Made in Italy design. Paola Lenti offers you in its collections a new domestic landscape, balanced and essential, based on the opposites of everyday life: the present and the past or even the inside and the outside.

Paola Lenti is known by its unique projects in terms of appearance and performance

Launched in 1994 in Meda, a city in the Lombardy province devoted to furniture design, the Paola Lenti brand has followed a coherent and dynamic entrepreneurial concept oriented towards experimentation and research. Over the years, this path has led the brand to become one of the best points of reference in the international design sector.

The company is named after its founder Paola Lenti. Born in Alexandria, Italy, Paola Lenti later moved to Milan, where she completed her studies. Cradle of Italian design, Milan has influenced the designer. It was then that she founded her own brand there, offering luxurious creations, simple elegance, a modern style that is both refined and warm for the interior, and responding to the constraints and requirements of the outdoor environment. Paola Lenti asserts herself in a creative and innovative approach and offers high quality indoor and outdoor collections with unique aesthetics.

The products of the Paola Lenti collections have won numerous prizes and awards at international level. Among others, the 1998’s lounge chair for interiors was awarded with the Mention of Honor at the Compas d’Or in 2001. Linea and Island, by Francesco Rota, were also selected for the Compas d’Or award in 2001 and 2004. In 2011, Axel Russmeyer’s Loom was selected. The « Rope » fabric won the Wallpaper Award in 2015 as the best fabric of the year. Rope fabric covers many outdoor products by Paola Lenti including the Wave lounge chair, with a steel structure and woven cover, designed in 2003 by Francesco Rota and inspired by the essential shapes of Linea. Also thanks to the collaboration of designer Francesco Rota, in 2018 the Lido series received the Good Design Award: chair, armchair and bistro table, practical and stackable, are made with a new exclusive material signed Paola Lenti; the « Diade », a technical material for outdoor use, light, resistant and fully recyclable.

Both the carpets and the seats for interiors and exteriors, have very high quality materials and fabrics in coverings, produced exclusively by the company: synthetic or natural fibers guarantee a high quality both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. All the Paola Lenti collections are projects that are unique in appearance and performance, where the choice of materials and the simplicity of form are fundamental. Projects intended to last over time, both for the functional qualities and for the character of the chromatic and aesthetic choices.

Paola Lenti is furniture that is both fun and functional, with a simple but emotional design

Browsing through our Paola Lenti selection, you will discover new domestic landscapes, balanced and essential, based on opposites that attract with simplicity and measure: past and present, exterior and interior, tradition and technology. Landscapes where metal and wooden structures coexist peacefully and are designed to last over time; modern and comfortable seats for the interior and original solutions for the exterior; elegant handmade crochet floral surfaces and exquisite rugs made with high-tech yarns.

Paola Lenti invests a lot of time and research in all materials and processes, adopting them for their originality, beauty and practicality; thus creating furniture that shares these qualities. Paola Lenti’s pieces are characterized by simple geometric shapes and bright colors; the result is a collection of elegant simplicity that captivates the senses with their carefully selected premium materials. Besides the practical, aesthetic and chromatic aspect, color is at the heart of all Paola Lenti collections.

According to the brand’s philosophy, Paola Lenti rugs and poufs have always been decorative complements that help define space and add style and character to spaces. For interior accessories, the star is felt; a natural material with great technical qualities on which you can superimpose woolen threads, the association of which creates new and original patterns and shades of colors. For exteriors, hydrophobic materials, worked on frames or braided, the brand often creates rugs and mats that evoke natural landscapes. In our selection, you will find Paola Lenti poufs at the best prices, available in various forms and in many colors. Their fabrics maintain tone and consistency over time and, for example, on some models combine the technical qualities of polyester with the pleasant seating comfort provided by the use of cotton threads. Other models highlight the refinement of manual braiding and the Rope used, the latter being perfect for outdoor furniture collections; it is perfectly resistant to atmospheric agents; sunlight and water. Paola Lenti materials are always carefully selected and in accordance with the philosophy of the product, combined with the essential and refined design of the brand.

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